How To Join an NIF Australia Virtual Event

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On this page we have included some helpful hints on how to join an NIF Australia virtual event.

  1. Waiting for the event to begin
  2. In the “event room”
  3. Asking a question
  4. Adjusting volume & fullscreen
  5. Technical support

Waiting for the event to begin

If you join before the event begins, you’ll see a countdown clock.

This will automatically switch to the event when it is scheduled to start.

If it doesn’t, all you should need to do is refresh your browser window.

In the “event room”

When you join the event, you may need to click the play button in the middle to begin the stream.

Asking a question

You can ask a question during the event by clicking the “Ask A Question” button. It will be on the right if you’re using a computer, or underneath the video if you’re on a mobile device.

Your question will only be visible to the moderator and not to other attendees.

Adjusting volume & fullscreen

You can click the icon in the bottom left of the video to increase/decrease the volume and enable/disable fullscreen mode.

Technical support

Fill in this form to be in touch with our events team.

(Unfortunately we can’t promise any technical assistance while an event is underway.)